Journey So Far

Dr Navdeep Singh is an autodidact and his journey is inspiring in its breadth and depth, his flamboyant success and boundless zeal to achieve the impossible is respected by everyone.

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The Sikh Directory’ is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory of Sikh businesses and services. The first edition was published in 2006 and continues to be updated and published annually.


The Sikh Awards’ inaugural ceremony took place in 2010 in London. This was a world’s first, to celebrate and highlight the achievements of Sikhs on global scale. Since 2010, the event has been held annually in London, Delhi, Toronto, Nairobi and Dubai.


The Sikh 100’ released in 2012, annually profiles 100 of the most powerful and influential contemporary individuals out of 26 million Sikhs worldwide, traversing all sectors, including business, education, politics, media, entertainment, sport and charity.


The Sikh Match’ is a bespoke matchmaking service, launched in 2020, uniquely blending a professional organisation, spiritual principles and the most impressive network of single people in the world, extending to a myriad of cosmopolitan cities.


The Sikh 100 under 30’ is an addition to The Sikh 100. This list annually profiles 100 inspirational Sikh personalities under the age of 30.


‘Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal’ elevated to a brand which involved producing the website and creating social media profiles across all major platforms in 2022.


The Sikh Charity’ launching in 2023, is a global non-profit organisation which is a unique platform that will help provide financial support and resources to the most vulnerable members of society, due to poverty, illness or marginalisation.