The world’s fifth largest religion.

Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal 5


Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal is a Sikh.

The word SIKH means disciple or student. Sikhs are students and followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469), the founder of the world’s fifth largest religion.

Sikh Dharam is a way of life that advocates the practice of holistic life experiences, work, worship and service. Sikhs do not recognise racial, class, caste or any other earthly distinctions. Sikhs respect equality between women and men.

The Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the eternal spiritual guide for Sikhs. The Sikh scripture, written in the form of hymns and poetry, includes writings of six of the Gurus as well as the devotional writings of 30 other saints, including Hindu and Muslim saints and leaders. It is made up of 1430 pages containing spiritual knowledge with the authority of all the Gurus.

Sikhs believe that there is one God for all creation, a loving Creator attainable through meditation upon and remembrance of God’s name.

Sikhs use Singh and Kaur to distinguish who is male and who is female:

Singh (lion) is used for a male Sikh because a man is regarded to have similar characteristics for example bravery, courage, sovereignty, muscular physique, considerate, responsible, energetic, and humble with uncut hair.

Kaur (princess) is used for female Sikhs because they have similar characteristics, beauty, sweet nature, loving, compassionate, delicate, chaste, respectful, and the serenity of a princess who will one day be a Queen.