Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal

Nationality: British
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 6th February, 1973
Born In: London, United Kingdom
Religion: Sikh
Best known as: Navdeep Singh

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Early Life

Born in Croydon, South London (UK) on the 6th February 1973. Dr Navdeep Singh is the son of Sardar Sham Singh Bansal and late Bibi Kulwant Kaur Bansal.

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His father was born in Uganda and his mother was born in Kenya. Sardar Sham Singh Bansal served in the Kenyan police force and Bibi Kulwant Kaur Bansal was a school teacher. They emigrated from Kenya to London in the summer of 1968. Dr Navdeep Singh’s father had pre-arranged a direct transfer to the Metropolitan Police and his mother was a housewife and sewing machinist. In 1973, Dr Navdeep Singh was born into a middle-class Amritdhari Sikh family and is the youngest of five. They were all born in Kenya, one brother and three sisters.

Post School, he earned a B-Tec National Diploma in Business & Finance from Selhurst Tertiary Centre. A B-Tec Higher National Diploma from Carshalton College. Then a BSC (Hons) in Consumer Product Management from London South Bank University.

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Dr Navdeep Singh has over 30 years sales and marketing experience, diversifying across luxury property developments, performance cars, super yachts, IT recruitment, private aircrafts and telecommunications.

A global powerhouse, pioneer and master brain filled with afflatus who created a historic milestone by bringing together businesses and communities. As founder, of one of the most illustrious and prestigious organisations he is respected internationally for creating waves in the community and has come a long way since the inception of The Sikh Group.

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Gopi Chand Hinduja with Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal

Dr Navdeep Singh is an autodidact and his journey is inspiring in its breadth and depth, his flamboyant success and boundless zeal to achieve the impossible is respected by everyone. His name defines ‘New Light’ which enhances his ability to illuminate and build long lasting relationships with the world’s most powerful and influential individuals.

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Lakshmi Mittal with Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal

His unique flair, drive and determination has ensured his success and recognition across the world. Collaborations with world leaders, governments, businesses and communities have seen him attract support from across the world.

Dr Navdeep Singh’s journey began with The Sikh Directory back in 2004 when realised there was no business directory for his community, yet every other major faith had their publications in circulation for several years. The four projects that followed where started in line with the direct response and need from the global community and were launched after intense research and development.

His personal ethos centres on promoting the values of excellence, ethics, loyalty and spirituality, embodied by the Sikh faith and practised holistically through his various businesses and charitable projects.

Navdeep is a long vision man with a strong intelligent mindset who has been celebrated with countless honours and recognitions. He is most grateful for the time, blessings and guidance received from the many enlightened souls that he has been fortunate to meet during his unique journey.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Dr Navdeep Singh Bansal