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A global powerhouse, pioneer and master brain filled with afflatus who creates historic milestone’s by bringing together businesses and communities.

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"I don't think it's the case that there aren't a lot of solutions. It's more likely that we lack the will to enact the solutions that we have."

Dean @jelani9 of @ColumbiaJourn joins @JaredCouncil on Forbes Talks to discuss the history of race in society. https://trib.al/mTWQkKA

"“If the laws pass, this won’t be the country my grandparents found refuge in. If that means Israel will cease to exist, then it will cease to exist. That won’t be on me. That’ll be on Netanyahu.”

1843 magazine meets Israel’s protesters https://econ.st/40BGSLt"

Around 20 countries are currently renting pandas from China. The bears can make an authoritarian state seem cuddly https://econ.st/40Ac79x

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