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Dr. Navdeep Singh's effort have been highlighted across the world on all platforms including television, newspapers, radio, magazines and online.

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Navdeep Singh - master power broker

 The aim of this compilation of 100 of the most influential & powerful Sikhs is to share with people different stories that act like an inspiration source.

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The man behind The Sikh Group

An individual with 15 years of knowledge & experience in the field of sales & marketing across various industries eventually launched his group named “The Sikh Group
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Navdeep Singh founder of The Sikh Awards

The Sikh Awards: This has been the world’s first-ever platform that celebrates the accomplishments of people & organizations on a worldwide level.

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Photos of Navdeep Singh

Navdeep Singh Bansal, director of The Sikh Directory Media Organization and actor Raj Babbar at the sixth edition of an annual Sikh Awards ceremony on October 3, 2015.